Solo Bass / Bass with Keyboard or Harp

                           (Accompaniments for both normal and solo tuning)


Cat. #1102           Fantasia in E-flat for Solo Bass        (Telemann)         $12.00

Transcribed  from one of the Baroque master’s solo violin sonatas, this engaging 4-movement suite is perfect for A recital opener. It ranges from lyrical to virtuosic, but is technically less challenging than the Bach solo suites.


Cat. #1802           Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)                                               $10.00

The well-known Romantic treatment of Bach’s first prelude, this setting works well with any keyboard accompaniment, and even better with Harp.


Cat. #1804           Ceciliana (W. de Fesch)                                                  $10.00

This graceful 6/8 dance for Bass and keyboard is taken from de Fesch’s cello sonata and is a beautiful aria completely within the orchestral range of the Bass.


Cat. #1806           Adagio, K. 261 (W.A. Mozart)                                           $16.00

This Mozart gem is a stand-alone work, popular with violinists as a concerto encore, but works extremely well on the Bass. If he had written a Bass concerto, this would have made the perfect slow movement.

Cat. #1808           Andante (Aria) (Bach-Godowsky)                                 $16.00

The great Golden Age pianist Leopold Godowsky transcribed this tender accompanied melody for the keyboard, fully realizing the ingeniously implied counterpoint of the original. In this version, the Bass sings into its highest register.